Low Pain Anesthesia Delivery System

•Handpiece with the control buttons
•Various options of injection quantity controls included set dosage option
•Easy control with Smart touch panel
•Perfectly waterproof with touch panel and wireless recharge technology
Characteristics & Components

1.  Light and convenient handpiece

  • World’s first handpiece with controller
  • Single-handed operability without a pedal
  • Light weight enables you to operate for a long time without a fatigue.

2. Contactless charging & Ultralight system

  • Holder is a cordless change cradle which is charged by an electromagnetic induction.
  • Easy to use and to move
  • 8 hours of continuous operation after a full charge.

3. Ergonomic design with easy-to-understand control panel

  •  Easy select the injection speed by a touch panel.
  •  Equipped the constant voltage touch sensors and graphic indicators.(LED indicators let you make control easily.)

4. Various injection modes to clinical necessity

  • Safe and easy anesthesia by keeping a constant injection amount and speed.(1/4, 1/2, F, S, H).
  • Efficient for to block anesthesia or periodontal ligament organization. (Recommended sized needle is required)

5. More efficient to use dental needle and medical needle at the same time.

(10 medical needels are given, but a handpiece must be pucrhased separately if a clinician uses a dental needle)

6. Voice guide / Aspiration function equipped.